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Is Mexican food good to eat on a high fiber diet?

I recently had some medical problems and my Dr. put me on a strict high fiber diet, but I still want to eat the things I enjoy. Plus going strait to all fiber has me completely bloated and uncomfortable... Mexican food is my favorite and I'm wondering if it's a good thing to eat since there are a lot of beans in their dishes along with rice... Any other suggestions on where to eat would be great as well since I do like to eat out at restaurants a lot...

Thanks in advance for your help! :)Is Mexican food good to eat on a high fiber diet?
Mexican food is ok if you choose carefully which dishes you eat.but tex-mex tends to be rather fatty and not as healthy as authentic mexican food.

beans are high fibre, eat dishes with plenty of additional veg and choose corn tortilla or wholewheat wraps rather than things made with white flour or just white rice.

I make my own mexican food and keep the fats low, add beans to nearly everything, make my own refried beans.

Avoid Macdonalds and similar outlets - If you eat indian food go for chickpea dishes, lentil dishes and chappattis which are made with wholegrain flour.Is Mexican food good to eat on a high fiber diet?
Beans for many people are quite difficult to digest and if you are already suffering from bloating they are likely to make you worse. You should not be eating all fibre. You might find it easier to take a fibre supplement such as psyllium husk - have a look at Go Daily ( you will find it in the shop section. It will provide the fibre you need, improve your digestion and your bowel function. You don't give enough information about what your diet contains but it should be lots of vegetables - you need both soluble and insoluble fibre and lots of water. Whit rice is a very poor source of fibre but brown, wild and red are great.Is Mexican food good to eat on a high fiber diet?
If you are having medical conditions that are solvable by fixing your diet, but you continue to eat in retaurants, you will not get better. Nor do you deserve to.

It is common sense.Is Mexican food good to eat on a high fiber diet?
Absolutely. Beans, corn and rice all contain plenty of fiber - just make sure it's brown rice, not white.
I would still eat additional fiber despite the inherent fiber in the beans, as Mexican food is notoriously high in fat. Fiber grabs hold of fat and prevents it from being absorbed, but in Mexican food the fat is so much it wins out. So add some more fiber to that.

As for the fiber, you are going to have to educate yourself on the various types of fiber and what each kind does. Your doctor may not be subscribing the right kind of fiber (thus the problems you are having with bloating).

Remeber, medical doctors are NOT trained in nutrition nor take any classes for nutrition in pursuit of their doctorate. What little they do know about nutrition they learn the same way we do, by reading and researching with books from the store and on-line. I have a couple of doctors in the family, so that is how I know this.

You might want to try a chain of restaurants called Sweet Tomatoes. It is a giant salad bar restaurant, and is awesome for a health meal.
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